We provide communication solutions. Our speciality is planning and creating online medical marketing projects with high standards and professionalism. Our goal is to get to know the demand of the public and healthcare professionals and to serve them with accurate and current information. With our work we create unique value.

H2Online Ltd. was founded in 2008 as a part of Szinapszis Co. Ltd. which was already an active participant in the field of pharmaceutical market research and marketing for almost a decade. As a member of Szinpszis Co. Ltd., H2Online Ltd. is responsible for online health related communication.

Our ultimate goal is to provide valuable services for our clients, the public and all the members of healthcare as a nationally and internationally dominant online health agency acknowledged for its reliability and professional competence. We would also like to participate in the creation of quality healthcare. With aligned, parallel communication we ensure a constant connection between medical professionals, healthcare providers and the public. We are determined to create valuable and professional services, innovative solutions to help meet our clients’ goals.

With constantly expanding our portfolio and already wide range of services we would like to ensure that the new innovative solutions of the digital era are being adapted in Hungarian healthcare and throughout the market so we can stay competitive among our fellow European countries.