Portal management, web development

Web development

Web design

Every day there are thousands of websites created all around the world. This is why it is very important from the beginning of designing the image of our website to focus on the following key elements:

  • Transparency
  • Good navigation
  • Easy to read format
  • Harmony of colors
  • Easy communication

The most common design mistakes:

  • Too many ads
  • Choosing the wrong fonts and background
  • Flash intro (outdated and difficult to optimize)
  • Nontransparent, unclear menu
  • Structure disregarding SEO

HTML website developing

We recommend this service to clients aiming for an informative website to introduce and describe their company, without the need for constant updates on the page.

Open source code websites with content uploading administration platforms

Compared to simple HTML websites creating a site with an administration system and its own free engine is a significant step ahead. WordPress is an outstanding example with useful attributes that attract users. To mention a few:

  • easy to use;
  • suitable for creating websites that are easy to optimize for search engines;
  • even the bigger websites can be developed quickly and for a lower cost.

Further advantage that applications to meet special demands are easy to set up:

  • connecting with newsletter distributing services (synchronizing databases);
  • managing database migration;
  • private downloaded files with passwords;
  • 301 redirect;
  • integrating social media;
  • showing RSS content.

In addition the time required for developing an open source code website is a lot shorter compared to a customized development process. We recommend this service to those who would like to easily and regularly manage their content on their own.

Websites for private physicians

Our special service for private physicians, who doesn’t yet own a website but would like to have a well-designed, search engine optimized, easy to handle page. Elements of the website service package:

  • Templates to create different color combinations
  • Newsletter widget
  • Templates to create different color combinations
  • Newsletter widget
  • Subscription widget
  • Search widget
  • Widget for booking appointments online
  • Domain and storage (yearly)
  • RSS feed
  • Application for electronic health records of patients
  • Gallery
  • Expandable static pages
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Guestbook (with switch on/switch off options)
  • “The doctor’s answer” widget (with switch on/switch off options)

Custom developed websites and web applications

The most expensive and time-consuming way to develop a website. Custom developed applications are made for the websites containing a custom administration system for uploading content. These custom applications are developed specifically for the different functions of the website.

Website operating

H2Online Ltd. has more than 50 staff members, including medical experts and journalists who can provide content development at short notice for health websites addressed to the public or to health professionals. Our medical experts are also well-experienced in answering readers1 health related questions.

Our offer

  • Content development for professional and inexpert audiences, for online and offline platforms
  • „The doctor’s answer” – Answering patients’ health related questions on short notice

Current archive

  • More than 2 000 articles, including almost 600 detailed overviews of conditions

Professional writer staff

  • More than 40 medical experts
  • Staff of 12 journalists