Online marketing solutions

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

This service ensures greater volume of traffic on your website, the best position in popular search engines, so you can overtake your competitors in the lists of search results. We recommend this service to website owners with mid- or long term goals, who would be willing to pay a one time fee with no other constant expenses to ensure a stable and continuous growth of traffic on their website.

What we can help with:

  • Expert documentation (around 20-30 pages, 5-30 attached files)
    • Keyword and competition analytics, list of recommended search words
    • Technical analysis: specific instructins and ready to use files for the developers and administrator of the website
      • Analysis of the construction ad set-up or the website
      • Measurement and optimization of the title and meta components
      • Analysis and search-friendly creation of special technical solutions (Flash, JavaScript)
      • Recommendations for minimalizing page download time, increasing page speed
      • Examination of site map – with recommendations
      • Examination of URL building practices – with recommendations
    • Analysis of site editing: creating specific instructions for editors
      • Examination of the structure of internal links with recommendations
      • Creating full value links, search of possibly wrong links
      • Analysis of the structure and formatting of text and the visualization of images


SEM (Search Engine Marketing)

Google AdWords campaigns are one of the most effective element of an online marketing toolkit. It applies the PPC (pay per click) method, so payment is only required f an advertisement was clicked and viewed on the destination site.

H2Online Ltd. as a co-operating partner of Google carries out the advertising campaigns according to the goals set beforehand (price limit, number of clicks). The components of a campaign are set by Google AdWords Professionals (GAP).


E-DM (Electronic direct marketing)

Development and creation of electronic direct marketing campaigns based on email contact lists. There is an option to send targeted emails to own contacts or to use the contact database of H2Online Ltd. Our health related database includes:

  • Inexpert. 40 000 members (categories: sex, interests, geographical locations)
  • Physicians: 18 000 members (categories: specialities, geographical locations)

Based on the goals of the campaign H2Online Ltd. plans:

  • the target audience
  • the content of the email
  • the timing of the campaign

When composing and editing letters, we aim for

  • the best possible email open rates (depending on the type of industry 20-30%)
  • not being classified as spam (with creating a spam test)

We also provide detailed statistics about the campaign after sending out the emails:

  • Number of opened emails (with names in case of own database)
  • Number of unsubscriptions
  • List of links opened, number of clicks (with names in case of own database)


Viral marketing

With viral marketing we provoke the audience’s attention to a product or the advertisement of a service using video sharing websites, forums, social media platforms, blogs and chat applications. The role of the audience that has been reached by the advertisement is to observe and forward the message to other consumers. Viral marketing is cost-effective since the target audience is easily defined and even after the camaign ends, the message keeps spreading „by itself” with no additional cost and keeps circulating on forums.

Tools of viral marketing:

  • Spreading videos online (uploading the complete video, promoting (driving traffic), voting and commenting on video using the biggest video sharing sites ->hyping)
  • Promotion of website and microsite spreading (our advertisements appear ont he most popular online sites so they get through to thehighest number of users -> seeding)
  • Forums (to deeper integrate the ad, to familiarize forum users with the advertisement with starting convesations -> user groups, chat rooms, etc.)
  • Social media sites (IWIW, Myvip, Facebook … -> messages, all posts, creating clubs and promoting the product through these tools).

At the end of the campaign (or every month in case of a longer campaign) we create a detaild summary, in which our clients can follow the daily changes of viewer ratings. We also put together a written summary illustrated with printscreens about the campaign, the video and the opinion and feedback of the audience.


Image, publications, print and digital advertisements

  • Image design: Logo, style of appearance (colors and forms)
  • Print publications, brochures, flyers, business cards, stationary, posters
  • Flash banners