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Media portfolio

  • WEBBeteg.hu


    Webbeteg.hu is a believer of accurate medical information. The goal of the website is to provide professionally correct information for people interested in their health.

  • KamaszPanasz.hu


    The goal of KamaszPanasz.hu is to provide information for teenagers about health related prevention, and to emphasize the value of physical and emotional health focusing on the real problems of young readers.

  • DRportal.hu


    The private website started by Pearl Hungary Ltd. in 2009 opens new doors for connecting with medical professionals.

  • Egeszsegfigyelo.hu


    Egeszsegfigyelo.hu collects current articles from the biggest Hungarian websites focusing on health and prevention for our users.

  • Tervezett Baba

    Tervezett Baba

    The site helps women who wish to get pregnant to maximize the natural chance of conception with scientific innovations.


H2O Blog

  • The Place of Digital in the Pharma Marketing Mix 2014.10.22

    Digital is the future of marketing. But brands and the people that use them don’t live in the future— they live now. To be successful as marketers, we need to remember two things: 1) that our messages belong where our audience is today—not where they may be in the future and 2) because our target audiences are not…

  • Mobile Apps in the Pharmaceutical Industry 2014.10.20

    Mobile Apps have arguably defined how we live in our modern digital age; the development in smartphone and tablet technology has lead to a vast range of apps that offer seemingly infinite functionality. The pharmaceutical industry has been slow to tap into this vast potential, but that tide is slowly starting to turn.

  • mHealth: The Most Underutilized Force in Patient Engagement? 2014.10.18

    For healthcare organizations who are ready to take advantage of this game-changer, here are some easy first steps for getting started.

  • The Multichannel Rep 2014.10.16

    When we recently released a webinar on the Multichannel Rep, we had no idea that the topic was so hot. In less than 5 days, the webinar was accessed by over 160 viewers, and if the trend continues, it will overtake our highest ranking session on “Multichannel Mix Optimization” (February 2013!) in no time.

  • Lifelogging App Knows When You’re Depressed, Stressed or Lonely 2014.10.14

    Motion, audio, and location data harvested from a smartphone can be analyzed to accurately predict stress or depression. Many smartphone apps use a device’s sensors to try to measure people’s physical well-being, for example by counting every step they take. A new app developed by researchers at Dartmouth College suggests that a phone’s sensors can also…

  • Mobile apps or mobile optimization – do we have to choose? 2012.11.15

    In a recent article on published on the Pharma Marketing Blog by John Mack the author, also known as @pharmaguy discussed the subject of health-related mobile...

  • Infographic – Pharma marketing to physicians 2012.09.20

    The vast majority of physicians today are digitally active, accessing multiple devices and networks as part of their day-to-day activities. Physicians are...

  • Digital media and healthcare providers 2012.09.6

    There is a lot of data available on how physicians perceive and use digital technologies like the web or social media for finding health-related information....

  • Consumer use of social media in healthcare 2012.07.12

    Social media is becoming a bigger part of the collection of health information, but it varies by health condition and treatment options how patients use social...

  • Why Dive Into Developing Mobile Health Apps? 2012.06.14

    While digital marketing solutions and social media projects became the center of attention in pharmaceutical communication recently, it is also important to...