Health 2.0 2013 Conference Highlights

Health 2.0 2013 Conference Highlights

“Health 2.0 has been flying the flag for health tech across the world for many years and the conferences are dynamic and inspiring. It is a great opportunity for entrepreneurs to see what’s happening in Europe, and network with hundreds of investors, health service delegates and other entrepreneurs.” – Beverley Bryant, Director of Strategic Systems and Technology, NHS England

Exclusive Interview: Matthew Holt, Co-chairman at Health 2.0
Surprise, surprise…on navigating the world of Health 2.0, Matthew Holt, Co-chairman of Health 2.0 gave an exclusive interview on the vision, challenges, and innovations surrounding the horizon of Health 2.0. Read the exclusive interview here!

Highlights – Health 2.0 Europe 2013

There is only one more week left till Health 2.0 Europe ! Join over 400 attendees, 75 speakers, 50 LIVE demos, and 25 countries represented all in one place – London!

Get inspired by Tim Kelsey’s keynote of NHS England, who will share his plan to open the largest health system in the world and its data to entrepreneurs. Don’t miss key speakers such as Richard Smith, Director of Chronic Disease at UnitedHealth, who will share key data about disease management, habit redesign and technology in the panelAdherence and Behaviour Change. Learn what patient empowerment means with speakers like Maria Gjerpe, Founder of MEandYou, who used social media momentum to crowdfund a clinical trial — now that’s the power of Patients 2.0!


  • Health 2.0 Tools for the Elderly: How do we understand the needs of elderly patients? What role does design play in relation to technology? Should we incentivize entrepreneurs to develop for the elderly? Elderly care is gaining momentum all over the world, so join us for this pre-conference workshop moderated by Health 2.0 London Chapter Leader Maneesh Juneja, which will feature a unique mix of patient insights, demos from startups and industry experts.
  • mHealth for Health Care Professionals: This is a special accredited training pre-conference session presented by the Healthcare Informatics Society of Ireland and moderated by David Doherty of 3G Doctors. This certified course will explore the many opportunities mobile health tools (or, as we called them at Health 2.0, “Health Interface Layers”) offer to advance access and quality of care.

Deep Dives:

  • Janssen Healthcare Innovation EMEA – Digital Health Inside & Out: Digital Health technologies will play a fundamental enabling role in the transformation of healthcare around the world. To that end Janssen is building new digitally enabled businesses related to Janssen’s core therapeutic areas and also supporting the larger Digital Health community through a number of activities including this year’s Digital Health Masterclass. In this session they will share some examples of these activities and experiences along the way.
  • AbbVie – Patient Solutions that Make Sense: This session proposes a case study showing how patients, an entrepreneur and AbbVie worked together to develop a solution for people with rheumatoid arthritis.
  • World One + Sermo: A year after the Sermo acquisition, WorldOne shows how the growing global scale and reach of the combined company, coupled with a re-focus on clinical value, translates to improved patient care around the world. During this session, Worldone will share how key attributes of a true online community make this uniquely possible.
  • Cyberdoctor: As one of the first clinical practice tools to build a simple, elegant work flow enabling patient-physician communication and patient-centered decision making, CyberDoctor is back in 2013, with clinical evidence, to tell us how they’re improving patient awareness, adherence and outcomes.
  • EIT ICT Labs: Learn more about the knowledge and innovation community set up by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology. EIT ICT Labs’ mission is to drive European leadership in ICT innovation for economic growth and quality of life.

Including LIVE demos for UnmentionablesSnoreLab, MySexDoctor, AlcoChange.Adherence & Behavior Change: ChangeTech, SocialDiabetes, Health Puzzle. Tools for Doctors and Hospitals: BestDoctors, Karify, FastGuide, Proxible, and many more!

Go to our website for the full agenda and summaries of panels and sessions you can’t miss!
Reduced rate is available for entrepreneurs, health professionals, academics and government employees. Pre-registrations at the reduced rates are reviewed and accepted on a daily basis.

Global Health Tech Entrepreneurs Survey
It’s TRUE – we’ve launched a GLOBAL SURVEY as a call for all health tech entrepreneurs around the world to give their input regarding the issues surrounding the ever-changing landscape of the health care technology industry. The European conference is in London this month and those who complete the survey will get 25% off the ticket price.

This survey aims to identify trends and barriers for growth by region. Health 2.0’s network of innovators is spread across the world so we’re hoping to get some real insight into the factors that help innovation flourish in this growing sector. Take the survey now!

London Calling! See you soon.


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