Hungary’s first Pregnancy App – for both iOS & Android – launched

Hungary’s first Pregnancy App – for both iOS & Android – launched

Hungary’s first mobile app for expecting women – which is available both for iOS and Android platforms – has been launched on the 21st of January 2014.

The app offers practical guidance during pregnancy – with a lot of Information and several useful features. (The app is available on the AppStore and on GooglePlay).

Key features:

  • Providing practical Information on the development of the Baby, the processes within the Mother’s body and on medical examinations , week-by-week;
  • Personalized reminders, to keep in mind the times and dates;
  • Digital Pregnancy Diary: users can take notes every week, attaching Photos as well;
  • Users can follow the development of body measurements: weight, waistline, ankles, hips, blood-sugar, blood pressure and pulse and requesting a graph to see the development;
  • We can forcast the date of the Baby’s arrival, his/her Zodiac Sign and his/her main character;
  • We can choose our favourite Boy’s and Girl’s Names from a big database, examining their meanings and origins;
  • Personal Shopping List, in order to remember everything theBaby will need;
  • „Ask a Doctor” feature, regarding questions on Pregnancy, Birth etc.;
  • Many more articles on Pregnancy at ;
  • Dedicated Facebook Group where we can share our regards, experiences with other expecting womens;
  • We can print out our Pregnancy Diary (pdf) with all of our personal notes to create an eternal memory.

First thing: Credibility

The purpose of this mobile application is to serve as a credible Information source for non-professional users. All content of this app has been written and reviewed by Medical Specalists, but all articles are informative and they should not be regarded as a substitute for a Medical Specialist’s personal assistance or advice.

Main sponsor of the original-language app:Richter Gedeon Nyrt.
Professional Support: WEBBeteg

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